Riley Roth is twenty years old. She loves Country music. She loves lots of other music, too. She wears her imperfections on her sleeve, and she doesn’t have it all figured out. She sings what she writes, and she writes what she knows. She is not a product - she is relatable, she is a communicator, and she is an artist. She is, in many ways, the definition of the modern Country music fan.

When Riley was sixteen years old, she began taking monthly trips to Nashville with her mom from their native Pennsylvania. She was enrolled in a unique program at her school that allowed her to attend classes on campus for two weeks and then travel to Nashville for two weeks to pursue her musical ambitions. She continued that cycle for a year and a half, at one point completing an entire semester of English online in one blurry-eyed weekend. Over time, she built a network of cowriters, contacts, and supporters throughout the Nashville music community and eventually relocated to Music City after graduating from high school early. One day when she was eighteen, Riley got a call that would set everything in motion.

Hit producer and songwriter busbee had heard Riley’s music and was intrigued. busbee, though based fulltime in Los Angeles, had been making his own monthly pilgrimages to Nashville for the better part of a decade. Along the way, he amassed multiple #1 singles as a songwriter and was coming into his own as a producer, having helmed Grammy-nominated projects for Maren Morris and Lady Antebellum, in addition to breakthrough hits for newcomer Carly Pearce and established hitmakers Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

Riley signed a publishing deal jointly with busbee and BMG, working closely with BMG VP of Creative, Daniel Lee. She also partnered with high-level Nashville manager John Dennis and his team at Dennis Entertainment. When Daniel left BMG in late 2018 to establish Altadena - a label, publishing, and management venture - with busbee, Riley was approached about being the first signing for the new label. She gladly accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history in the making…

“Riley represents every positive trait you hope to find in a young artist and none of the negatives that can so often make those situations challenging. She holds her own in every setting: in a writing room, on stage, and interacting with industry professionals at every level.”
– Daniel Lee, GM and VP of Creative for Altadena

“Riley has that rare ability to communicate directly to listeners at every level, and to her peers in particular. It’s a product of her heart, her dedication, her skill, and her work ethic, and when an artist can marry those traits with the right songs and records, anything is possible.”
– busbee, Founder/CEO for Altadena 

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